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Science Professionals

Science Focused Technology

Our focus will always be to provide the most technologically advanced insilico discovery tools to support the scientist achieve new scientific breakthroughs in order to maximize societal benefit.

Silicon Genomics is a science-focused, technology-based organization whose primary objective is to advance the discovery of human therapeutics by providing the scientific community with innovative technological tools designed to optimize the entire drug discovery process.

Our discovery optimization technologies will facilitate the rapid identification of candidate therapies and provide early identification of high-risk targets. Silicon Genomics revolutionary insilico drug discovery optimization platform, NeuroGen, is being developed exclusively to optimize every aspect of the drug discovery lifecycle not only in terms of increasing the speed and accuracy of target identification but also to increase the ability to identify risks at the earliest possible stage of discovery.

Discovery Process Modeling
Significant time was spent modeling and codifying discovery process streams and constructing an adaptive workflow engine that adjusts based upon the unique requirements of any project charter. The workflow engine will continuously look for optimization opportunities; from computational efficiencies to dynamic process stream/step reorganization within the constraints of our global regulatory compliance architecture which provides the ability to select the regulatory compliance requirements for each project based upon geographic or agency specific guidance.

Global Regulatory Compliance Architecture
Many man-hours were dedicated to the analysis of global regulatory requirements and codifying the guidance into a framework that underpins the entire NeuroGen architecture and guides the execution of every module. NeuroGen will contain a "compliance pattern repository", that will be utilized to guide the discovery process based upon specific regulatory requirements. The pattern engine will continually adapt to changes in work-streams and learn from each process step in order to anticipate requirements based upon previous experience. The compliance engine will check for possible non-compliant process steps and alert the scientist to potential regulatory risks.

Insilico Forced Degradation Modeling
NeuroGen's insilico forced degradation modeling capabilities simulates external stresses to screen compound stabilities for rapid selection and elimination. Longer term storage simulations can also be modeled for inclusion in filings and and other submissions to regulatory bodies.

Insilico degradation modeling can include various stresses, including:

  • pH (acid/base): Chemical processes are often catalyzed by the presence of acids and bases. The simulated exposure of materials to these can therefore accelerate insilico degradation reactions and provide early indications of possible instabilities with scientifically reasonable predictability.

  • Temperature: NeuroGen can simulate the temperature-variance of diffusion coefficients, population of crystal vacancies, creep rates, and many other thermally-induced processes/reactions.

NeuroGen will also simulate other stresses such as Light, Oxidation and Concentration. insilico forced degradation modeling can increase safety, minimize risk, provide early insights to the likely stability of a compound, save countless hours and conserve precious research dollars. The models provide predictive degradation capabilities of scientifically relevant probability using a sophisticated hybrid Markov process algorithm.

Insilico Dissolution Modeling
Dissolution is the only indicator of continuing dosage form performance batch-to-batch over time and there has been a dramatic increase in use to document bioequivalence execution of the dissolution procedure in accordance with cGMP's and with principles of sound metrologic science. NeuroGen will provide the ability to simulate dosage form performance in a highly compressed timeframe over traditional methods with a high degree of accuracy by drawing upon a comprehensive chemical and biological compound pattern repository.

Genomic & Proteomic Referential Models
The NeuroGen will contain codified representations of the human, canine, rat, sea urchin, and fruit fly genomes with many more to come. Not only will this dramatically improve performance by eliminating database calls but also, the referential models will provide the ability to compare results against other genomes.

A highly sophisticated Unifying Platform will consolidate genomic and proteomic data from multiple sources and normalize the representations in order to increase the stability and hence the consistency of the resulting outputs.

Biomarker Repository
Silicon Genomics will license biomarker data and will cleanse, normalize and codify the data for inclusion into the NeuroGen architecture. This will provide increased capabilities and will significantly extend the breadth our drug discovery activities.

From the analysis of requirements and all the way through the design and construction phases, our efforts have been guided by an uncompromising commitment to quality. We drew heavily upon leading practices from various scientific, engineering and architectural disciplines and applied a rigorous validation process to everything we developed from software and hardware to our facility design which is the first of its type.

Silicon Genomics setout to analyze, reason through, refine, optimize and design the world's fastest most accurate and comprehensive drug discovery platform in the world and we are very pleased with the preliminary results of our work. However, we will never become complacent with what has been accomplished to-date and are committed to continuously evaluating and improving upon what we do in order to provide the most technologically advanced tools to scientists and to continue the advancement of insilico discovery within the research community.

See our latest Research entitled "Towards insilico Science" and the NeuroGen Vision for additional Information about our Science Focused Technology.