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Our History

Silicon Genomics is a science-focused, technology-based collaboration whose primary objective is to advance the discovery of human therapeutics by providing the scientific community with innovative technological tools designed to optimize the entire drug discovery process.

Silicon Genomics was conceived with a radical vision to revolutionize insilico drug discovery in order to benefit society by increasing the number of novel therapeutics that could be identified and brought to market more rapidly and safely.

Silicon Genomics will be a collaborative initiative of the Cloud Life Sciences Alliance and a cadre of Life Science organizations that recognize the scientific, technological and economic value of a shared, cloud-based, high performance computing capability.

A key goal of the Alliance will be to address the critical need for small, underfunded research labs that are focused on the discovery of novel therapeutics for the orphan drug market, to gain access to high-performance computing resources that would otherwise be beyond their financial means and technical capabilities.

Silicon Genomics Value Proposition

  • Enhance Discovery Performance
  • Optimize Research Risk Management
  • Increase Execution Succes
  • Mitigate Research Risk Costs

The far-reaching design objective for NeuroGen is to optimize the entire drug discovery process in order to speed analysis and increase the identification of new and innovative therapeutics. NeuroGen will revolutionize insilico drug discovery by improving not only the computational speed but the overall process by which drugs are discovered.

NeuroGen: Key Benefits

  • Optimize the structure of genomic and proteomic models in order to increase the speed at which they can be analyzed and processed.

  • The Unifying Platform will bring together codified representations of the Human genome and normalize them in order to produce faster and more accurate results.

  • NeuroGen will contain codified representations of the Human, Canine, Rat, Fruit Fly, Chicken and Sea Urchin genomes, the most comprehensive genomic and proteomic database in the world.

  • Silicon Genomics is in the process of codifying metabolic and signaling pathways in order to further improve the discovery process by including the complex networks of biochemical interactions within the NeuroGen architecture, which will further improve overall performance.

  • NeuroGen will be deployed in the worlds first fully validated, extreme computing cloud designed exclusively for drug discovery.

  • NeuroGen will be fully validated in order to facilitate the rapid transition from discovery to insilico forced degradation modeling. The validation will significantly reduce and in some cases eliminate, the time consuming and costly re-work normally associated with insilico discovery.

  • NeuroGen will control all discovery activities through a regulatory compliance architecture that will serve, among other things, to streamline filings.

  • NeuroGen provides the ability to analyze more models in less time than ever before, thereby increasing the number of identified target therapies.

  • As importantly, it will assist in narrowing the field of focus by eliminating candidate therapies that have a higher risk of failure or are less likely to result in a viable therapy.

  • NeuroGen will include the ability to perform insilico forced degradation analyses which will provide reasonable degradation prediction for biological formulations. Early identification of instabilities reduces research risk and provides the opportunity to adjust formulations based upon initial predictors thereby reducing the consumption of limited and expensive human and technological resources.

During the analysis and design phase, the first test that any requirement needs to pass is; Does it support our ultimate goal of benefiting science and society? We believe that every aspect of NeuroGen does.

We sustain a culture rooted in technological and scientific entrepreneurialism and innovation. As a science-focused and technology-based organization, Silicon Genomics will follow the science wherever it may lead, in order to provide the best insilico tools to identify causes and develop novel treatments for serious illness.