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Welcome to Silicon Genomics

Tapping the power of scientific discovery and technological innovation to advance the practice of insilico drug discovery.

Silicon Genomics aims to serve the scientific community and society by providing innovative technologies that will aid researchers in transforming the promise of science and biotechnology into therapies that have the power to restore health or even save lives.

We are leading innovation in the field of discovery optimization and advancing the current state of high performance neuromorphic cloud computing for institutions engaged in functional genomics and other computationally intensive drug discovery activities.

The company is tapping the power of scientific discovery and technological innovation to advance the practice of insilico discovery in order to dramatically improve the quality of people's lives.

We are pioneering the development of novel cloud-based applications of insilico discovery and designing the industry's first fully validated Cloud-based computing architecture dedicated exclusively to drug discovery. The company is setting the performance standard for insilico scientific discovery and innovation.

Silicon Genomics is an entrepreneurial, science-focused, technology-driven enterprise dedicated to helping scientists identify the causes and find cures for serious illness. Our goal is to dramatically improve people?s lives by providing researchers with the tools to identify the cause of disease and to develop innovative therapeutics.

Strategic Objectives

Enhance Discovery Performance

Optimize Research Risk Management

Increase Execution Success

Mitigate Research Risk Costs

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Drug Discovery in the Cloud

Pioneering the development of novel applications of insilico discovery in the industry's first validated Cloud-based computing architecture.

Research dollars are more scarce and more highly scrutinized than ever. Investors and shareholders are looking for rapid results. The time allotted for identifying and validating potential drug candidates is decreasing which in turn, increases research risk.

As a result, potential drug candidates are being missed and risk profiling is being cut short in the interest of saving costs. Much more comprehensive and accurate rapid assessment tools are needed. Recent high-profile cases of side effects could well have been avoided with the application of insilico modeling techniques.

Silicon Genomics NeuroGen will dramatically reduce the cost and risk of traditional drug discovery by providing validated and highly advanced insilico modeling tools on the world's first neuromorphic cloud computing infrastructure.

This allows researchers to focus on the important work of "doing" science and not on building and maintaining a complex and costly high performance computing infrastructure to support drug discovery activities.